“Let’s Play School” Dress

Do you ever see a piece of fabric and you just have to have it, even though you have no idea what you’ll use it for? This alphabet print spoke to me when I saw it, but I wasn’t inspired yet. It’s sat around for a couple months. Then finally, when I saw the challenge for Week 1 of Project Run and Play, I knew exactly what I’d be using it for – my Party Dress remix design! In honor of the alphabets, but since my daughter is still years away from formal schooling, I’m naming it the “Lets Play School” dress.

January 2013 046

Let me break my design down for you:

Original Elements:

  • Overall silhouette
  • Skirt, including hem band
  • Wide sash
  • Basic construction

Remixed Elements:

  • Overall feel: play instead of party
  • Ruffle sleeves
  • Exposed back zipper
  • Sash end detail
  • Bias band added to hem bandJanuary 2013 050

January 2013 044

To create my remix, I used my own basic bodice pattern, the ruffle sleeve from here, and the skirt tutorial from the assigned pattern. As soon as I slipped it on, Grace yelled out, “Ohhh! Pretty!” She loved the fullness of the skirt most of all – she used her feet to play with the hem as we were photographing.

January 2013 040

I have one last special touch to share about this dress. On the lining of the bodice, I hand embroidered the size and the date into the dress. Now I’ll always know, and it can’t get washed out. I love those little extras that elevate a garment from homemade to handmade.

January 2013 053

PS: If you want to join in Project Run and Play, new challenges are posted each Monday. There’s a prize offered for the top home sewer, and you can follow along with the blog-celebrity seamstress competition!


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