Chocolate Covered Cherry Tutu

I’m not a big Valentine’s day person. Honestly, I think the biggest benefactor isn’t lovers, but Hallmark. BUT! There’s something about sewing for little girls that makes every holiday on the calendar – silly or not – an excuse for a new outfit!

January 2013 059

The real colors are a little brighter

So this Valentine’s day, Miss Toddler will find herself sporting a tutu. Because who doesn’t love a tutu?! I followed the directions from the absolutely fantastic book, Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson. She’s also the designer of Oliver + S patterns, of which every single pattern is on my must-have list. There are 10 layers of tulle in this little number, gathered at a just-greater-than 4:1 ratio onto the waistband. I hope it doesn’t overwhelm Grace. Even if it does… oh well 🙂

January 2013 068

This photo shows the colors fairly close to life

See! Lots of tulle ! The layers are stacked as so, with 2 layers of each: chocolate, light pink, tan, dark pink, and chocolate again. Even so thick, the tulle is a little too see through for her to wear alone. The rest of the outfit will a pink top with brown trim and little pink shorts. We called them bike shorts when I was a kid; I have no idea what the technical term is these days.

Come back on Monday to see the completed outfit on my sweet model. If you didn’t guess, this is my Valentines entry for Project Run and Play! I’m a little disappointed with myself – I completely fell off schedule with my Stripes and Spots dress. It’s nearly finished. I’m glad I slowed down to do it right since it’s turning out beautifully, but I’m sad I didn’t get it done in time to enter. I’ll post it anyway once the hem is completed.


8 thoughts on “Chocolate Covered Cherry Tutu

      • I have the Bedtime Story PJs, and they’re so cute. I made them a while back when V was just about 18 months old, but never quite got them totally finished. I want to get that book you have! I am a sucker for little pattern books like that.

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