Stripes and Spots Dress

It’s finally finished! This dress was for Week 2 of Project Run and Play, where the challenge was to incorporate stripes and polka dots into a single garment. I know I’m a week late, but I think I’m actually happier for having slowed down and done the dress right, rather than rushing to finish.

January 2013 081

The dress pattern is all my own drafting, starting from my basic bodice. I shortened the bodice to empire length and added seam allowances so I could cut it as a chevron (by this tutorial). Then I drafted the sleeves to be puffed at the cap only, which gives a very different look than all-over puffed sleeves.

January 2013 082

I took the idea for fabric covered buttons and button loops from the Party Dress Remix challenge – I liked that element, but didn’t chose to incorporate it into my own design that week. So here it is! You can see the back is cut to chevron, too. The skirt is a simple rectangle with 8 pleats in it. The center pleats on both the front and back are 2.5″ while the side ones are 2″. I like the little variety, and how it shifts the fullness towards the sides. It makes for a clean look I know I’ll revisit as Grace grows.

January 2013 084

My favorite part of the dress is the skirt embroidery. This is where I drew in the polka dots theme, as well. Each circle is hand embroidered in a stem stitch. Except for the appliqued ones, of course 🙂 Those are scrap bodice fabric. The circles remind me more of bubbles than anything else. It’s a neat look. They are easier to see in person – although, the green ones almost match the fabric.

Now… why you’re getting pictures on a hanger and the table instead of a toddler… a certain Miss had NO interest in being photographed today. Silly, busy little Sunshine! I didn’t get a single shot of  her that actually showed the dress.

January 2013 080 a

January 2013 070

January 2013 076


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