Toddler Ruffle Tote [Tutorial]

When there’s 5″ of snow on the ground and an upcoming birthday party, my first thought is “What can I make with what’s already in the house?” After a quick poll of some internet friends, the obvious choice was a pretty little bag. Every little girl I’ve met loves sorting through purses, dragging them behind her and filling them with oodles of treasures. Here’s what I came up with:

2 2013 203

My rendition is dark denim for the base plus an Amy Butler cut for ruffles and a purple sparkle for one ruffle and the lining. But I can picture this is so many different designs! Denim with stripes and polka dots… white eyelet… or even ombre (super trendy!). You can also expand the bag to make it bigger – it’s currently only 6x7x2.

Here’s what you need to replicate the look:

1. Cut all your pieces – 2 9″ squares of body fabric, 2 9″ squares of lining, 2 5×12″ strips for handles, and your ruffle strips – 3″ wide by however ruffly you want them to be. Mine are 22″ long and I would have been happier with more, tho this definitely has some nice ruffle to it.

2 2013 179

2. This is when you pull away from the other tutorial – you need to embellish the bag before sewing the bottom. Sew two opposite sides of the body right sides together to make a tube. Finish the edges of your ruffle strips however you want (I used a narrow edge foot. Other choices are turn and top stitch, a decorative stitch, pinking shears, zigzag… anything!) then sew them into tubes.

2 2013 180

I love my narrow edge foot!

3. Lengthen your stitch as far as it can go and stitch a line of long stitches about 1/2″ from one edge of your ruffles. This is for gathering. You can gather them all at once if you want, but it’s important to sew them onto the bag one by one from the bottom up. Mark the body of the bag for ruffle placement – I marked at the top edge which as you’ll see is NOT the sewing line. Mark 4″, 5.5″, and 7″ from an open end. Slip the first ruffle onto the bag and line it up with the 4″ marks. Gather as needed by pulling the bobbin thread of the line you sewed. Stitch right next to your gathering line.

2 2013 182

(If you’re wondering, I like that little 1/2″ edge on the ruffles a lot. It helps the ones above it stand out from the bag and gives a pretty look on the top ruffle. You can try more or less of an edge if you want a different look.)

4. Repeat with the middle ruffle (5.5″ marks) and then the top ruffle (7″). Once your ruffles are all attached, close up the bottom and pick up with Step 4 on the Shiny Happy World tutorial (making the bottom).

2 2013 183

5. This is the fun step: Find a super cute toddler to model for you!

2 2013 186

Super quick, super easy, super cute! I can’t wait to give it to our little friend at her birthday today! And then home to make another, because Grace didn’t want to give it up 😀

Happy Sewing!


Signature Style – Project Run and Play

2 2013 116

Unfortunately, this is all I have to show you 😦 Somehow I got it in my head that there were 2 weeks for the last challenge, so I delayed starting. Oops! So… just a teaser.

A little gingham… a little smocking… some kitty cats selected by my daughter… Much to do but I’m LOVING how it is pulling together! Even though I won’t be able to submit this to the competition, I’m very excited for the finished look. And honestly… half finished seems to be a “signature style” in my sewing world anyway. So it strangely works for my first sew-a-long through Project Run and Play!

Just Like Daddy: Project Run and Play Week 5

Join me for some pretending. My toddler can’t talk yet, but she had so much fun doing these photos! So… let’s carry on, from Gracie’s point of view!

Today,  I wanted to show my Daddy just how much I love him. He’s my hero! So I decided to be just like Daddy.

I got up, got dressed, and put on my business shoes…

2 2013 085

They’re a little big still!

2 2013 092

I gave my Daddy a kiss…

2 2013 040

He walked me to my car…

2 2013 055 crop

And I drove away. Zoom!

2 2013 079


I worked hard for my family, just like Daddy does.

2 2013 044

I was glad to get home after work, to where my Daddy was waiting. We played a quick game of “Five Little Monkeys” before I sent him to his nap. He’s the best Daddy ever! Thanks Daddy, for all your hard work.

2 2013 099

Awww… cute!

This is my men’s shirt entry for Project Run and Play. The shirt is a blue work shirt of my husband’s – a long time favorite recently retired due to general wear and a couple holes. It was the least I could to do reinvent it for Little Miss. The dress is Oliver + S Family Reunion dress with only very few modifications: I maintained the original button placket and hem  from the work shirt and redrafted the sleeves to incorporate the original cuffs, cuff pleats, and slit. Also, all seams are french seamed to give a clean inside.

January 2013 087

Instead of buttons, I decorated the tab with a self-drawn daisy embroidery. I also added yellow piping to the tab and facing.

2 2013 080 crop

The flower is a simple combination of half-circles gathered together with a fabric covered button in the center. Tutorials are a dime a dozen for this style right now; I didn’t use any one in particular.

2 2013 073 crop

This was the challenge that got me really excited when I first saw the list. I’ve been wanting to update a men’s shirt for a while. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! You can see all the other fantastic entries at Project Run and Play.