It’s hot (Or, I own no summer clothing)

My sewing machines are getting their workouts in this month! The past two weeks, summer finally showed up after a long, late winter (18″ of snow the last week of March!) and a cool, wet spring. And that’s about the time I realized I own essentially no summer clothing for myself. One tank top that doesn’t need a cardigan. A few skirts. One pair of capris. One dress. Let me tell you, that’s not going to cut it as the temperature soars near the triple digits along with 80%+ humidity.

7 2013 353

I started with Butterick 5644 View C out of a vine-print linen cotton blend I found on clearance at Joann’s. What the print is hiding is pleats at the shoulders and darts under the bust – just enough styling to make it “special”. It stitched up super quickly and the result is super light and comfy. And it requires neither a cami underneath nor a cardigan over – perfect! My only edit to the pattern was to fully line the top of the bodice. I didn’t want to hem that long crossover neckline {nightmares…} and the fabric is ever so slightly sheer. A lining solves both problems without making me too hot. It ends at the elastic casing.

Butterick 5644

This top really reminds me of the Roller Skate Dress, which I just made for my daughter yesterday. Especially view B, in the purple sketch. Once I have some free time {ha!} I’m going to play with that idea to make a dress for myself. I really love my flipped version for Grace and can see it working for a grown-up, too.

7 2013 350

Kiss break!

Then to resolve the “I haven’t owned shorts in years” problem: I’m super super picky with shorts. Most available are just the wrong length for me. Or they’re too tight. Or they’re pink/ aqua/ purple {I’m not wearing pink shorts}. But did I mention that it’s really hot? When I found New Look 6100 I knew these shorts would work for me – fitted where it needs to be, loose where it needs to be, and as a seamstress I can make the length whatever I want it to be. Surprisingly, the pattern length was actually perfect already. I made zero alterations to the pattern!

Forgive the expression - hot toddlers tend to be cranky, which I find exhausting.

Forgive the expression – hot toddlers tend to be cranky, which I find exhausting.

I’m mad in love with these shorts. They’re a 97% cotton 3% spandex poplin, again from Joann’s. They have great deep pockets… always necessary for things like cell phones and the rocks Grace wants me to carry. I love that these shorts zip at the side – 1st, because I didn’t have to figure out a front fly on a time crunch and 2nd because I think it looks more flattering.

7 2013 391

I was between sizes but closer to the larger, so I made the 18. They’re a bit big. Originally the belt loops were a style element but I actually need a belt to keep these on. I think I’ll make a denim version soon in a 16. I need to pattern off this tank top, too, and make several more. It seems like the more sewing I accomplish, the more I have left to do!

Stay cool, everyone! August is coming – it’ll get worse before it gets cooler.


One thought on “It’s hot (Or, I own no summer clothing)

  1. I love your shorts! I may have to look for that pattern – I’ve never made shorts for myself, but I can never find ones in the shops that fit me and aren’t itty-bitty!

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