Project Run and Play Fall 2013

Oh I’m so excited! Or, sew excited! Whichever it is, Project Run and Play is back up again starting September 9.

In case you didn’t know, Project Run and Play is a blog-based sewing competition inspired by, as you may have guessed, Project Runway on Lifetime. Except it’s kids clothes, and online. And they give you the challenges a month ahead of time so you can actually *think* and *design*. AND they host a sew along for people not in the “real” competition so I get to play with the themes too!

8 2013 114

There are EXCELLENT challenges this season:

  1. Pattern Remix of the Oliver & S Popover sundress, which is a FREE pattern.
  2. Candy inspired
  3. Mad about Plaid
  4. Signature Style

And I’m setting an additional challenge for myself: buy nothing. My fabric stash is, ah what’s the word… ridiculous excessive sufficient. And don’t even ask about my pattern collection. My other challenge: wearable pieces only. When I participated last winter, I got a little too caught up in design and a little neglectful of what my daughter actually NEEDED in her wardrobe. This time I’m being much more intentional in my choices of fabric and pattern. I’m even making several coordinating separates for different challenges.

8 2013 116

And being an overachiever, I actually have 2 thoughts in mind for the signature style. But one may require, GASP, buying things which is against my personal rule. But then again, it was something I was going to make for her anyway… we’ll see what happens. September 30 is a long way away yet.

One last note, aren’t these whales the cutest things ever?! Walmart, people. Seriously. The fabric is junky but I couldn’t pass it up. Let’s get sewing!

8 2013 117


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