The Tuesday Dress

How is it September already? Random aside.

I’ve really enjoyed spending the summer rebooting my wardrobe, replacing worn out pieces with things I actually like and need. I’ve bought a couple key pieces but most of it I’ve made. However, I’ve noticed a trend – many of new pieces, both sewn and purchased, would fall under the “professional” or “business casual” category. Except I’m a stay at home mom most of the week. I spend more time than I care to admit on the floor making baby dolls talk.

Enter this – the Tuesday Dress.

8 2013 146

I love this dress. Everything about it. From the neckline to the length, the fabric to the pockets. I’m naming it the Tuesday dress because my thought process went something like this: “I like dresses. The dresses I own are either WAY casual borderline pjs or professional. I need something to wear grocery shopping. Or to the farmer’s market. You know, not Sunday morning or on the hiding-in-my-house days, but Tuesday.”

The pattern is New Look 6184 view C. You can’t see the lovely neckline pleats because the busyness of the fabric hides them well, but I appreciate them in person. I drafted these deep slit pockets myself onto the side front panels. I love pockets. I may be so bold as to say I need pockets. They were easy enough to incorporate since the panel was already there. They’re the whole width of the panel and a few inches deep. The top edge is slightly angled for attractiveness sake. Perfect hiding place for a cell phone or a paci (at least until I can convince Little Miss she doesn’t need them anymore).

8 2013 150

The only thing I don’t like about this pattern is really common to my figure + the main cheap pattern companies. They design for an hourglass figure, or maybe even an X shape. They all cut out dramatically from the waist to the underarms. I’m not an hourglass or an X. I guess I’m a pear, though personally I relate more to a butternut squash:

Straight on top, then hello hips. I had to taper in the underarm seams – with the pattern at the waist, then 2″ seam allowances at the underarm edge. 2″! From the original 5/8″! That’s taking it in 5.5″ around that part of the bodice! Craziness. That means I had to adjust some of the underarm geometry, too, to keep a nice curve. I probably should have taken in some of that 5.5″ at center front but this dress essentially is my muslin. It’s super cheap, super crappy cotton from Walmart. What can I say, the floral caught my eye! I’ll distribute some of that excess at center front and back when I remake it – the neckline is a little wider than I prefer.

8 2013 148

I love the fullness of the skirt, too. Add a narrow belt as a focal point and to control the ease a little (it’s overall a little bit large) and it’s good to go wherever Tuesday takes me. This time, it was actually Friday, and it took me on a 6+ hour road trip from home to Des Moines, IA, to visit a good friend from college. The longer I wore it, the more I liked it. If for no other reason, every time I got out of the car, I got out and kept going. None of that unflattering yank up of jeans, down of tank top, around of cami… everything stayed exactly where I wanted it. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Oh, and these photos were taken at a stop along the way – the inspiration house for the famous Grant Wood painting, American Gothic. I wanted to photo in front of the house itself, but 1) It was easily 100 degrees and 2) There was a line of tourists in costumes taking pictures at that spot. And yes, we joined that fun…

8 2013 134

8 2013 131

LOL, I think this fashion era is *not* my best. Happy Labor Day!


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