Pitty Flowers (PR&P Sundress Remix)

It’s Project Run and Play again! I’m so excited. I’m always sewing, and Grace needs clothes again, but sometimes I suffer from designer’s block. You know, like writers block except with clothing. That’s part of why I sparkly pink heart PR&P – the themes give me a jumping off point, a direction to start walking in. And this season I’m focusing on really wearable, usable pieces for G’s wardrobe rather than conceptual artworky sort of creations… one I made in the spring never ever got worn because while it was beautiful and fit the challenge perfectly, it wasn’t something Grace would actually wear. None of that again. PR&P actually starts on Monday and runs 4 weeks, but my September is insane so I’m sewing ahead a little bit. Here’s the themes for Season 7.

Week 1: Pattern remix of the Oliver + S Popover Sundress (free)

8 2013 216

Oliver + S AND free? Yes please. You can download it yourself here. Since we’re headed into fall, I remixed the pattern by adding on a cap sleeved bodice. The skirt portion is only barely modified – since I wasn’t using the yoke, I added a couple inches to the center front/back to compensate and follow the original line. I curved the corners to accommodate trim. The rest of the skirt is straight from the pattern. I also braved a new technique – using a double needle to hem! I think I need to tweak my tension a little more next time but I’m so glad I finally got around to trying it.

Most importantly for a busy 2 year old Little Miss, I made it out of a super soft yet sturdy cotton knit from Joann’s instead of the original woven fabric. I bought the floral knit on impulse a couple sales ago because I LOVE the green and brown mixed in with the pink flowers. The top fabric is a thinner cotton knit also from Joann’s that I purchased in the spring for a project that didn’t work out.

9 2013 002

The green trim is a simple strip of scrap knit fabric folded in half. It started it’s life as a tshirt of my sister’s – she made a tshirt quilt not too long ago and I inherited all the backs and sleeves once she’d cut her quilt blocks. I was thrilled to find this one which matched perfectly. Aunt Susan, your MSU American Humanities shirt lives on! That giant box of scrap jersey has come in very useful! The bodice is lined with a white undershirt of my husband, also located in my scrap jersey box. As a sweet finishing touch, I used a scrap from the skirt to make a covered button. I think it adds the perfect charm.

8 2013 214

I’m pretty pleased, and Grace wouldn’t take it off. To me, that’s always a compliment. That and the, “OOOO! I gots pitty flowers!” I’ll be sad when she stops speaking toddler.

8 2013 217

It needs a little denim jacket over it to be perfectly perfect. As if I needed something else on my to-do list! There’s a couple darling patterns I have my eyes on come October. One last Grace-less picture so you can see the cap sleeve shaping. This is my new favorite silhouette! It’s easy to draft and just as easy to sew.

9 2013 001

(Yes, that’s a food stain already. Remember I said she wouldn’t take it off? I meant it. This required bribery of her purple striped jammies to steal it away. Toddlerssigh.)

Tutorial available here


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