Snuggle Bug (PR & P Mad about Plaid)

It’s week 3 at Project Run and Play Season 7! This week’s theme? Mad about Plaid!

Now, I love plaid. At least in theory I do. But in practice, I own very little and have sewn even less. I’m not really a bold pattern kind of girl in my own wardrobe. When I challenged myself to use only resources I already had in the house, I first thought I’d be sitting this week out. Until the great Stash Reorganization project I’ve mentioned a few times discovered some hidden gems. After some very creative piecing and cutting, a special retired set of jammies turned into this sweet night dress for my silly girl:

9 2013 083

She’s a mess, let’s just throw that out there.

dress 1

The dress is pretty much straight McCall’s 6388 size 3, which is huge. Grace has recently gone through a stage that makes me sad – she’s lost her sweet toddler look and has really thinned out into a little girl. She’s back to a 2T on top and a 4T – or more – in length. My only alterations were to cut the front and back upper bodice on the bias to achieve a chevron look. The skirt section was also cut on the bias. I didn’t use a pattern piece for that; I just used every scrap I had left.

9 2013 075

Way back when we first got married, I thought it would be so cheesy sweet for my husband and I to have matching jammies. Out of flannel. PLAID flannel. And if that wasn’t cheesy sweet enough, I thought it would be just downright delightful to sew them by hand. In the car. On the way to our honeymoon. Awww young love… (Can I say that now we’ve been married 5 years?)

They didn’t get done.

When we got home, I actually did finish his pants and my tank dress by machine and they got a couple years hard use. But since I never did finish the seams (the things you learn over time) they eventually fell apart and found their way to the upcycle bin. There was just. barely. enough. fabric out of both garments to create this single dress. I didn’t even bother saving the scraps; they went in the trash.

9 2013 069

I’m crazy pleased with how this turned out. The skirt is actually 8! separate strips pieced together. As I said – I used every scrap. The plaids in the skirt even almost match (Although I obviously missed the side seam, above):

9 2013 093

Oh, and Grace has hit the “I DO IT MYSELF!” stage, which is why there’s only one large single button on the front. This came out of a big back of antique buttons my mother in law passed on to me. I love the loopy little flower! And in case you’re wondering, this is what happened when I prompted her to yawn.

9 2013 060

I think she’s about as silly as me! If you want to see the other plaid entries, check them out here:

9 2013 074


9 thoughts on “Snuggle Bug (PR & P Mad about Plaid)

  1. Cute! Love how you matched the bias cut plaid!
    I tired that pattern last year too, and found it was so big…funny it does not look too big on the skinny model on the package 😉

  2. Just for the record that stage…leaving toddlerhood is a hard one for me…I always want to freeze time…but little girls…they are so fun, that I can’t be too sad. I love the nightgown…it looks so soft and warm!-liZ

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