Little Things to Keep Her Warm

I love fall. That brief moment between too hot and too cold, when every step you make crunch-crunch-crunches. When your nose starts to get just-right chilly – where it makes you feel more alive, but not so cold you want to go hide. And there’s pumpkin spice EVERYTHING everywhere you go! I think it’s short so we can appreciate it all the more.

And, it’s an excellent excuse to start whipping out all the cute little warm things Grace will need through the winter.

I went straight to my Little Things to Sew book from Oliver + S. Partly because I’m sewing along and partly because the winter things are so stinking cute. In not much time at all, I made a matching set of hood, mittens, and scarf for my girl.

First, the hood:


How cute is this? Except… it’s not a bear like the book shows. I tried to make the ears a cat. That obviously failed. I’m not sure what they are now. Sheep? Llama? Anything but a cat. Cute though! I actually like them, they make me giggle. Instead of ribbon, I took scraps of the purple and sewed a long tube, tied a knot a few inches from the end, and fringed that end.



This pattern is mitten perfection. Last year Grace screamed bloody murder every time I tried to have her wear anything on her hands. That pattern continued… until these. They slid right on and she’s been hard pressed to take them off ever since. That’s a win in my book. She can even do buckles with them on, which is all it takes to make her happy.



The concept of this scarf is brilliant. There’s a loop or pocket between the layers near one end so the other end just slides through. Hence the name – “no tie scarf.” It was very “I DO IT MYSELF!” friendly.  This fringe technique is kinda cool; I like it. I just used scraps of the main fabric plus some hot pink cotton I had laying around. Nothing fancy turned out pretty cute this time!

If you’re like me, I had to stare at the diagram in the book for a very. long. time. to understand how to sew the loop. Here’s a quick picture to help visualize sewing the top edge of the loop after you’ve done the long sides. You pull the scarf parts out of the way and only stitch the 2 layers of loop, solid white on mine. You can only see the seam allowance; everything else is inside the tube.

scarf in progress

For all project, the purple is a thin microfleece from Joann’s. The flip side is a white flannel with tiny neon hearts I’ve had around for a couple years; I’d assume it’s from Joann’s too. It’s all warm and cuddly.

All together now!


roll about


And if you’re curious, yes… I can look like a llama too.

meCheck this post here if you want to see a round-up of all my projects from Little Things to Sew


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