Troubleshooting the Lady Skater

Want to see a work in progress? I usually only post finished, polish, and posed, but I need help!

3 2014 011

Meet the Lady Skater dress from British designer Kitschy Coo. It’s just a tee shirt dress with a circle style skirt (not a full circle. Maybe half?). Super simple, super perfect uniform every day dress. I’m looking forward to making a shelf full – there’s some brilliant interpretations on the blog and on Pinterest that I can’t wait to copy. Except I need to do some pattern work first. So it’s completely appropriate that I’m taking photos my in process dining room.

I have narrow shoulders. It means that every. single. pattern. needs altered. I’m planning to spend some time later this spring making a sloper to make alterations easier (Don’t know what that is? Come back in a month or so! I’m already writing the series). I need some extra eyes on this pattern though to figure out what specifically to adjust. This is my first knit dress for me. I know that I can get it perfect. And I really, really, REALLY hope I do, because…

3 2014 004

See? It’s got to be perfect before I cut into my splurge fabric! Here’s some close ups on the bodice. I know I’m not standing up straight but hopefully it’s enough to see. (My husband only had about 2 minutes before running out the door to work)

3 2014 007

3 2014 008

3 2014 005

3 2014 006

So, wiser eyes, what do I need to fix? Here’s what I’m thinking, but I feel like I’m missing something. I made a straight size 5 with 4? extra inches in skirt length (I’m 5’9″), but no other alterations so far.

  • Narrow shoulder adjustment, as shown here
  • Slight sway back adjustment
  • Bringing the neckline in all the way around

HELP! And, Thank You!


8 thoughts on “Troubleshooting the Lady Skater

  1. i love your fabric choice, and it looks great on your rear, LOL! like, that’s a good fit. i do think the back is a bit long in the bodice, and it could be taken in a bit at the upper back/shoulders – and in the shoulders, in general. otherwise, nice!

    • LOL yeah, the skirt’s pretty much perfect. I’ve worn it under a sweater a couple times already. Show what works, right?! Thanks for your input. It’s not far from right but definitely a little too big in the shoulders.

  2. I think it looks great, and certainly wearable!

    I have narrow shoulders too, and my trial top fit much like yours. I ended going down a size on top, blending from smaller underarm line to original waist line. Worked like a charm for me.

    I totally could use a sloper too. My petite shoulders are often a challenge.

    • I thought about doing that underarm tweak. I’ve done it on a couple big 4 patterns and it helped at least some. Did it affect the bust area for you? I’ve only done it when the bust was too large as well.

      I’m really looking forward to doing slopers 🙂 I’m hoping April. Do come back!

  3. I’m afraid I know nothing so I won’t be much help, but I admire your patience.
    It looks from your shoulder adjustment link that you’ll be on the right track.
    good luck. The fabric you’ve chosen here looks lovely, can’t wait to see what the special stuff is

    • This just just cotton interlock from Joann’s. I’ve been pleased, especially since it was really quite cheap. Under $4/yd I think? Thanks for the vote of confidence ❤

  4. This isn’t a bad start at all, and easily fixable! You *definitely* need a smaller size in the upper bodice / shoulder arm area. Those little folds you’re finding at your shoulder points (and the excess ease sleeve ease particularly in the back sleeve) show that there is too much height in the armhole. You could just experiment with pinching the shoulder seam to lift the bodice up and then attempt using a smaller size next time. Using a 4 or even a 3 through the shoulders and arms would bring the whole thing up, as well as bring the neckline in.

    Or (and this is what I would probably do) after you have found the amount you need to remove in height from the armhole (by pinching) you could give the bodice and sleeves a petite adjustment. Slash and overlap the upper section of the armhole of both your front and back bodice by the amount you need to remove, and then slash and overlap the sleeve cap the same amount. This will alter the sleeve cap more than just using a smaller size, and I suspect that you could use it based on the pics of you with hands on hips. That’s an alteration I typically have to do. Give me a shout if you need help!

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