Bug’s Third Birthday {Kid’s Choice}

My sweet baby is THREE! When did that happen?! This year her birthday lined right up with the Kid’s Choice series hosted by Elegance & Elephants. Basically, the idea is to let your kid choose what she wants you to sew – pattern, fabric, embellishments, everything. So for this year’s birthday, Gracie got to choose.

5 2014 116

Let me tell you something about this sweet child. She has got a fashion OPINION. Her all time favorite outfit is a black and white polka dot dress decorated with neon butterflies. With floral tights underneath. She refuses to wear pants and t-shirts for some unknown reason. I wish I’d gotten a video of her excitement when I asked her what she wanted me to sew for her. “Lady bugs. RED ONES! And polka dots! And zig zags! And circle pockets! And LADY BUGS! And a dress! And and and and!” At which point she got distracted and wandered off singing something completely unrelated.

Alright, Baby. You ask, I deliver:

5 2014 112

The pattern is Simplicity 2269. I picked it up last year on one of Joann’s dollar sale days. It’s super cute! I love the neckline (though it was a little tricky to sew…). I made minor modifications: length (always…), rick rack trim on the sleeves (Grace’s request for zig zags), and plastic snaps instead of buttons on the back. Lately buttons have been catching her hair and that always leads to drama.

5 2014 100

(She’s smelling the tulip, if you couldn’t tell)

A dear friend and I were discussing age appropriate clothes a while back and we both mentioned how much we love this pattern. It’s so sweet and childlike; not miniature adult clothing. We’re toying with the idea of a sew along – the neckline can be a little tricky and photos would definitely help! Other than the neckline it’s a very easy sew, meaning even beginners could jump in. Next time I want to do the neat 2 part bubble sleeves. If you might be interested in a sew along of Simplicity 2269, would you please comment on this post?

5 2014 139

She’s thrilled. Even though I didn’t get circle pockets on, the rest of her requests made it on the dress. We were in the store for all of a minute before she zeroed in on the green lady bug fabric. I was glad to give her just what she wanted for her birthday.

5 2014 110

Oh, and the dolly! Her big gift from us this year was one Bitty Twin. I wanted the baby with hair, but American Girl only sells them as twins! Grace doesn’t need TWO expensive dolls (especially since she has no interest in a boy doll – I asked) so I split a set with a good friend. Now the girls have matching dolls πŸ˜€

5 2014 104

What kind of mommy would I be if the yet-unnamed dolly didn’t have a matching dress?! She’s super fashionable in the Tea Party Sundress from Little Things to Sew. The only modification was to switch the hem facing to the outside, to better match Grace’s dress. I’m one step closer to completing the challenge to sew through the book! I’m starting to think I might not make it all the way, but I’m not giving up yet.

I’m linking up to Kid’s Choice! You can see the other creations here!

Elegance & Elephants

One thought on “Bug’s Third Birthday {Kid’s Choice}

  1. I would love a sewalong! I am sewing the pattern now and am getting quite hungup on the neck. Seems like it should be easy, but it isn’t. πŸ™‚

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