Me Made May Days 13-21

Hi friends! Are you still wearing what you make? It’s still Me Made May for another week and a half!

After realizing some huge gaps in my wardrobe, I broke a rule – I’ve got fabric on order to make myself at least 3 more things. I rationalize they’re things I’ve been talking about making for a while, but really? I’m addicted to buying fabric.

I’m a fabricaholic on the road to recovery. Just kidding – I’m on the road to the fabric store.

I didn’t take as many pictures this week-plus, due to many of the outfits being repeats. I broke out my maxi dress from Day 1 again, and I’ve stopped counting how many times I’ve worn the pink tee from Day 2. It’s hands-down my favorite piece of clothing, me-made or purchased. I’m making 2 more tees from this pattern (Liesl + Co Metro) once the fabric arrives in a few days.

I’m only posting photos of unique outfits before, but I only took 2 cheat days this posting period. I’m well within my challenge commitment!

May 13 – Tuesday

5 2014 182

This tiered skirt has been around for over four years. It’s super soft denim. I used a long-lost petticoat tutorial (different computer and pre-Pinterest – whatever did we do!) to stitch it up. Simple, kind of boring, just right for a rainy indoor chore day.

May 16 – Friday

5 2014 183

Running errands with my butterfly princes. Yet another styling of my pink Metro t-shirt. This skirt is a purchase but I have fabric on order to make an exact copy.

May 20 – Tuesday

5 2014 184

At home day. It’s the first day it’s been really hot around here, so I broke out my purple interlock Lady Skater dress (first blogged here). I love how this dress looks kind of elegant and pulled together… but really, it’s cotton knit and more comfy than most pajamas. If I had left the house I would have thrown on a skinny belt (and shoes, obviously), but the farthest I went was the back yard. Where it was hot. So no accessories today!

May 21 – Wednesday

5 2014 189

Hey look, what’s that? Yet another outfit combination using the pink Metro tee? And no one is surprised! This shirt may not make it past Me Made May, as much as I’ve been wearing it.

Ten days left to go. I had one more unique outfit, but I wore it to church and ended up spilling coffee before snapping a picture. I’ll add it in on the next post if I remember. Hopefully my fabric package will arrive in the next couple days, too – As much as I love the pink tee, it’s time for variety!  One last laugh for you, as I’ve pondered how little my fabric stash actually has in common with what I feel most comfortable wearing:




2 thoughts on “Me Made May Days 13-21

  1. Great going! I could almost have participated in Me Made May but I wasn’t certain that anyone should see me wearing the same things every 2nd day (cause no-one notices if you do it that way, right?!)
    Thanks for your honesty here! I suspect it’s how a lot of us wear our clothes (10% worn 90% of the time)

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