Queen Elsa Costume

We have entered the world of pretend play – specifically, princess pretend play. And if you didn’t know, there’s a new favorite princess in town – Queen Elsa from Frozen. It was only a matter of time before Grace begged for a costume:


It’s not an exact replica, but it hits the necessary point: Sparkly.

5 2014 240

Beautiful royal cape.

5 2014 241

And sturdy enough to climb the North Mountain.

5 2014 246

Best of all, it was completely free. I received the aqua fabric at a swap a couple years ago. I have no idea where it originally came from but it is so sparkly. I flipped it to the reverse for the skirt to better imitate Elsa’s dress. The white tulle cape is left over from a tutu. It’s a rounded rectangle, gathered at one end and top stitched into place along the lower elastic casing line. I made a size 5 which is pretty huge, on purpose – Grace can take it off and on all by herself and her regular clothes still fit underneath.

She spent all morning spinning in circles, “making snow” and singing at the top of her adorable preschool lungs:

“The cold never bothered me anyway!”



Pattern: Perfect Peasant Dress from Peek-a-boo patterns

Fabric: Aqua fabric of unknown fiber content with foil on one side. White sparkle tulle.

A huge thank you to my awesome husband! He did all the Photoshop art on these pictures. Isn’t that snow landscape fantastic?! I love being married to a graphic designer!


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