Me Made May Wrap-Up


Victory! I made it all the way through Me Made May 2014! I have only one more garment to show you, then some reflections.

May 27

5 2014 274

Striped sundress, self drafted, blogged here. It doesn’t come out much because the shoulders are too wide and like to slide off.

There was one other me-made garment that didn’t get photographed – a purple quilter’s cotton wrap skirt. I don’t wear it out much because well… it’s a quilter’s cotton wrap skirt. Nothing fancy. I also paired my white woven tee (May 3rd) with a couple different purchased skirts which didn’t get photographed. Pretty much everything else was repeats from earlier in the month. May 1-5; May 6-12; May 13-21. I think I took a total of 5 cheat days – less than I’d allowed myself! Next year I’ll aim for something me-made every day of the month.


I successfully wore every me-made item in my closet at least once during the month. Some only got one wear; some were worn sooo much! The pink Liesl + Co tee was worn on at least 8 separate days – it’s the clear winner for MMM2014. This is probably my favorite styling of it:

5 2014 183

Things I learned because of MMM2014:

  • While I love to sew garments, I don’t like my outfits to look homemade.
  • I’ve sewn a lot with quilter’s cotton, and those garments were each only worn once. I hate quilter’s cotton – probably because it looks homemade.
  • I wear lots of knit; this means I need to sew more knit.
  • My life is pretty casual. I need more separates – especially tops.
  • A little denim jacket and a wide belt can pull nearly any outfit together.
  • My favorite outfits balance softness and structure. I can’t do head- to- toe floaty or knit.

Which all lead to a resolution:

  • Be braver about apparel fabric!

It’s time to learn the different weights and blends of knit fabric. I also want to explore the world of woven apparel fabric – lawn, gauze, shirting, poplin… so many choices. I bought myself a couple patterns during Memorial Day sales and got new fabric in the mail on Friday. It’s time to build the wardrobe I’ll actually WANT to wear, not random garments on a whim that then sit in the closet forever.

I’m grateful for this challenge! It definitely helped my sewing for myself thought process!

You can see how everyone else wrapped up in the Flikr group.


6 thoughts on “Me Made May Wrap-Up

  1. i alllllways vote ladies need to be sewing MORE with lawn!!!! get yo’self some liberty or less expensive lawns and have at it! also, shirtings and chambrays for great dresses, etc!!! you did a great job this month, and i’m way envious you have all this clothing to wear and sort of sifted through your opinions on what works for your body/look. when i get this baby weight back off, i can get back to sewing for myself!

    • Good luck on the baby weight! It doesn’t feel like that much clothing when I’m standing there trying to get dressed in the morning… LOL I’ll take your permission and go buy something fun 😀 It’s summer sundress season!

      • oh, yay! and you’ll fine that you suuuuper love lawns! i definitely make sure to use a 70/10 needle when i sew them!

  2. Well done on your MeMadeMay achievement. I’m also over quilting cottons (I never went there for myself, but even for kid’s wear I feel it’s a bit craft-market-y) and there are too many lovely apparel fabrics out there and only so much sewing time,… Keep it up, you look great!

  3. Lovely round up! Sounds like you really learnt some useful lessons from the challenge. That pink t-shirt is great. Now, stay away from the quilting cotton!! xx

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