Alley Explorer Vest and Hat

There’s a secret place behind our house, the most exciting place ever (if you’re 3).

6 2014 117

Full of rocks, and “goody mud”, and trees, and scampering critters.

6 2014 143 6 2014 134

Much to find. Much to learn. Much to see. Much to hear.

6 2014 150 6 2014 149

 So many different treasures to collect.

6 2014 129

An every day adventure in the alley (when you’re 3)

6 2014 128


Patterns: Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson; reversible bucket hat and explorer vest

Fabric: Khaki twill and ladybug quilter’s cotton Joann’s. Navy vest lining, upcycled cotton pillowcase

2 more projects completed for the Sewing Through LTTS challenge! 8 out of 21 done, I’m up to 38% with 3 months to go (and fabric for 2 more in the house already)


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