Everything is Cuter with a Face

I love to embroider – it’s a quick pick up and go project that doesn’t require a lot of supplies or planning. In the midst of a busy life schedule and a never ending pile of sewing projects, I appreciate the nearly instant gratification embroidery provides. So this summer I’ve found myself grabbing a needle and floss again and again. I just need something *done* as I wade through a quilt and a fancy dress (organza. satin. circle skirts. It may never be finished). Introducing: my new kitchen buddies!

For a while now, I’ve been obsessed with the embroidery work of Mollie Johanson of Wild Olive. She draws the cutest sketches, then puts faces on them! Everything is cuter with a face. I’ve stalked her blog for a while and finally decided what I needed – new towels decorated with the “Baker’s Best Friends” sets.

7 2014 032

Coffee. My kitchen runs on coffee. Let’s be honest, some weeks my life runs on coffee.

7 2014 033

Timer. Equally adorable; equally necessary. I’m known for baking “by smell” – meaning, I run to the kitchen when I realize that wonderful smell floating through the house is food just nearly over cooked. Timers help, when I remember to set them. Don’t you love how ambivalent this little guy looks?!

7 2014 042

Mmmm eggs. I could go on and on about eggs. The eggs in the picture are from our sweet pet hens; we have 2 younger hens about to start laying in the next couple weeks. Yummy!

7 2014 043

Last for now – a hot pink mixer! A pink mixer is on my wish list for some day. Probably a long long time from now as my white one works perfectly well. She stitched up so happy! She must be making cookie dough or cake or something equally yummy.

I have a couple more dish towels and a couple more cute little designs traced off. But they’re heading to the “to do” pile for now until I get a couple of the bigger projects accomplished. Unless you know, I get bored and need a sweet little smile to get through the day.


Plain white bar mop towels from wal-mart

Coffee pot: http://wildolive.blogspot.com/2011/09/coffee-week-embroidery-patterns.html

Mixer and Timer: https://www.etsy.com/listing/62234839/bakers-best-tool-friends-kitchen?ref=listing-2

Eggs: Baker’s Best Ingredient Friends, not currently listed for sale


Fireworks Fourth Dress

Posting only 2 weeks after the holiday! Our life has just been too busy lately. With what? If you’re interested, you can visit our family blog here.

I’ve never been a big one for holiday clothing. I like looking at it, I just don’t tend to make things for one specific day.

Except when my sweet 3 year old begs me and I happen to have all the supplies already in the house and 3 free hours before we have to be at a party. Then I’ll make an exception!

7 2014 019

It’s a fireworks dress! This is PERFECT for the fourth! Which is good, because it was completely NOT perfect for what it used to be – a shirtwaist dress for me that I’d tried and tried and tried to make perfect but just couldn’t make work. In the words of Project Runway, it looked “tortured.” It was technically finished except for buttons but it was never going to be worn anyway so I saved myself the trouble and made something for Grace.

7 2014 008

As soon as I saw this little flutter sleeve sundress pop up during 30 Days of Sundresses, I knew I would be making it. Probably a dozen times! It’s a simple peasant style dress with elastic at the waist. I added lace on the sleeves and hem to at a little detail. The red bow is safety pinned in place so I can remove it for washing.

7 2014 017

She’s a little ambivalent on this dress, mostly because it doesn’t have butterflies OR flowers on it. That’s basically a crime in her universe. This girl… she has an opinion! She’s currently in a 4T so I was able to use the PDF pattern available in the post instead of drafting a pattern myself (adding 3″ of length). Next time I’ll need to lower the armhole a little; she was tugging at it telling me “it BOTHERS!”

7 2014 014

This isn’t a look of pain, I promise! She’s singing some song and twirling in a circle, which is how she spends most days lately. It’s the best way to spend summer ❤


Pattern: Girl’s flutter sleeve sundress from It’s Always Autumn

Fabric: navy print quilter’s cotton from Joann’s (in 2009); white cotton lace trim from Fabric.com