Everything is Cuter with a Face

I love to embroider – it’s a quick pick up and go project that doesn’t require a lot of supplies or planning. In the midst of a busy life schedule and a never ending pile of sewing projects, I appreciate the nearly instant gratification embroidery provides. So this summer I’ve found myself grabbing a needle and floss again and again. I just need something *done* as I wade through a quilt and a fancy dress (organza. satin. circle skirts. It may never be finished). Introducing: my new kitchen buddies!

For a while now, I’ve been obsessed with the embroidery work of Mollie Johanson of Wild Olive. She draws the cutest sketches, then puts faces on them! Everything is cuter with a face. I’ve stalked her blog for a while and finally decided what I needed – new towels decorated with the “Baker’s Best Friends” sets.

7 2014 032

Coffee. My kitchen runs on coffee. Let’s be honest, some weeks my life runs on coffee.

7 2014 033

Timer. Equally adorable; equally necessary. I’m known for baking “by smell” – meaning, I run to the kitchen when I realize that wonderful smell floating through the house is food just nearly over cooked. Timers help, when I remember to set them. Don’t you love how ambivalent this little guy looks?!

7 2014 042

Mmmm eggs. I could go on and on about eggs. The eggs in the picture are from our sweet pet hens; we have 2 younger hens about to start laying in the next couple weeks. Yummy!

7 2014 043

Last for now – a hot pink mixer! A pink mixer is on my wish list for some day. Probably a long long time from now as my white one works perfectly well. She stitched up so happy! She must be making cookie dough or cake or something equally yummy.

I have a couple more dish towels and a couple more cute little designs traced off. But they’re heading to the “to do” pile for now until I get a couple of the bigger projects accomplished. Unless you know, I get bored and need a sweet little smile to get through the day.


Plain white bar mop towels from wal-mart

Coffee pot: http://wildolive.blogspot.com/2011/09/coffee-week-embroidery-patterns.html

Mixer and Timer: https://www.etsy.com/listing/62234839/bakers-best-tool-friends-kitchen?ref=listing-2

Eggs: Baker’s Best Ingredient Friends, not currently listed for sale


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