Rainbows and Unicorns Travel Quilt

It seems like ever since Gracie learned to talk, she’s been asking me for a rainbow quilt. With unicorns. That covers her toes. She’s extremely specific! Thankfully, she considers anything with stripes of various colors to be a rainbow, so choosing the pattern was easy – the Travel Quilt from Little Things to Sew.


Finding the just-right unicorns took much longer. Do you know how many ugly unicorn fabrics there are available? Lots. I finally found it though from Michael Miller – Magic Unicorns in the Sorbet color way. I pulled the colors for the front of the quilt from the novelty print. Matching colors isn’t my strongest point; I simply picked my favorite unicorns from the back and did stripes in those color pairs (with a couple exceptions to make my eyes happy).


I love piecing quilt tops. I love the puzzle of making it all fit together; starting with tiny sections and building and building all the way to a completed top. I love the math involved. Piecing quilts definitely appeals to my inner nerd.

Quilting them, however, isn’t my favorite. I guess the repetition gets to me. Plus the bulk of working a giant quilt around the bed of my regular home machine is nothing if not awkward. That’s probably why I’ve only completed 3 quilts in my life. I have a double top down in my stash with its batting and back that may wait until I’m 60 to actually get quilted… if then. [Hey Mom, if you get that long arm frame I’ll keep you busy!] So I kept the quilting pretty simple – I traced the colored bars 1/4″ inside and outside, then filled the white sections with straight lines at a 45 degree angle to the colored bars, each 4″ apart. Simple and striking – the diagonal lines really make the bars pop.


My only modification to the pattern was to skip the overlap section – instead of cutting a little piece, I simply cut the 2nd bar to match the 1st. Clear as mud? You can see it in the pictures better than I can explain it with words.


This project is part of the Little Things to Sew Cover to Cover Challenge (Flickr pool). I didn’t get as far as I would like, but this quilt was my #1 Must Do. Since it’s done, and I probably never would have completed it without the challenge, I’m counting it as a success! I’ll probably do a couple more but it may not be by the Aug 31 deadline. Want to see my completed projects? The list is here.