I’m Back!

Hey friends! I’m here!

I took a 9 month break from blogging, and honestly, from most creating. In addition to our usual busy life I ended up crafting this little dude:


This is Reid Isaiah, and I think he’s a pretty stinking cute excuse for not getting a whole lot accomplished! I did make a couple maternity tee shirts and a dress or two for Grace, but nothing particularly interesting or blog worthy. I have Reid’s quilt top made but it’ll be another year or three before it actually gets a back and quilted; I will show it once it’s actually done.


But! I’m back in the swing of things. Little Man is 3 weeks old and my creative mind is spinning again. The main focus this summer? Selfish sewing – I have almost no clothes. Everything either wore out, doesn’t fit right post-pregnancy, or got caught up in a giant clothing purge. I’ve spent the past couple months pondering the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe. Then I saw on facebook that Becca Duval of Free Notion (she’s tested basically every woman’s pdf pattern out there) is hosting a Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along. I’m IN! Check back occasionally for updates 🙂

And one more darling picture – these two are going to be best friends!



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