Summer Capsule Wardrobe: Style Analysis

I’m sewing along with the Summer Capsule Wardrobe project hosted by Free Notion. This week I have a big task to accomplish – figuring out my basic style. What do I like? Why do I like it? What should I spend my limited time sewing? You can read Becca’s post explaining our “homework” here.

It’s only been a few weeks (3 tomorrow!) since I delivered my son, so my body is definitely in a season of adjusting. I need my clothing this summer to flatter that as well as be flexible to my changing size. With that in mind, I hit my closet to find my favorite pieces – the few garments that I truly like and want to build my capsule around.

For each piece, these are the questions to reflect on:

We’re going to start with a few questions. Look at the items you selected, and jot down your ideas about each piece:

  • Why do I like this piece? Most answers will fall into one – maybe more – of these categories: “the color!” “The print!” “The fit!” “Sentimental!”
  • Why do I wear this piece? “The color brings out my eyes.” “I love floral prints.” “The fit is really flattering”. “I spent a lot of money on it.” “I spent a lot of time making it.” “It’s from (insert special memory here).”
  • What prevents me from wearing this piece more? “I outgrew it” “It looks faded or over-worn.” “It’s too cold/hot/wet/etc to wear it now.” “I have nothing to wear with it.” “I don’t know how to pull it off.” Others? Share them below so I can add them here! 


Black open cardigan

  • I love the length and sleeve length. I pretty much always wear my sleeves at my elbows, even on my cardigans with longer sleeves. Also it’s a little longer than most of my shirts which I like – breaks up the lines of my clothing.
  • This is a wardrobe staple. I pull it on over tanks and tees all the time, with everything. It rarely even gets put away.
  • I’m not thrilled that it’s maternity, since I gave birth a few weeks ago. It doesn’t show in the picture, but there is an empire line and extra material in the front. It has buttons but they scream baby bump. I had a white version too but that one looked much more maternity (and had holes in it) so it’s gone now. I’d love to replace this with something similar in feel but you know, not maternity.


White knit top

  • I like the lace yoke – it’s sweet and a little showy without being overwhelming. The pleats add a nice detail plus a little extra fabric – important for nursing. When I pull it up it drapes just right so I don’t need a nursing cover.
  • I wear this a lot because it’s the only top I have that actually fits right now…
  • I don’t like the length. It’s too short for my comfort. I think the yoke cuts too high which makes my chest and arms look funny. It’s definitely wearable but also far from perfect. I’m planning several “inspired by” tops though – it’s a good starting point.


I love this whole outfit; it was my go-to all last summer.

Khaki Skirt

  • It is  the perfect basic. It started as a strangely calf length thrift stoer find that I cropped off to just above knee length. I think this is a great length for me – long enough to be decent, short enough to be comfortable and flattering.
  • I can’t wear it anymore 😦 It was always tight at the waist because I am very rectangle and it is more hourglass. Since having a baby I am certain it won’t fit. I’m planning a replacement for my capsule.

Pink top

  • One of my first knit projects! This is the metro tee from liesl and co
  • I don’t tend to grab bright colors but I surprised myself with this one. I love it!
  • I will get back to wearing this again very soon. It fits but isn’t easy to nurse in.


  • Favorite. Wardrobe. Item. ever. Even in the summer! I love the colors and the softness. I don’t tend to grab prints so a scarf is a “safe” way to introduce them. This is the inspiration for my colors for my capsule.

Now I get to go ponder all this to decide what pieces I need in my capsule wardrobe!


3 thoughts on “Summer Capsule Wardrobe: Style Analysis

  1. I love all your thoughts on each of your items!!! it makes me want to do that too! and I actually wouldn’t worry about the maternity sweater as firstly most probably won’t realise its maternity (I haven’t had kids yet so maybe i’m just blind to these things but i’d never know).

    The biggest thing, I have learnt as I have gone along with my capsule wardrobe is that making an amazing wardrobe which will really work for you in the long run, takes time and rushing it only lends to the same old bad decisions! So i wouldn’t stress on needing everything now instead enjoying finding what you truly love and investing where needed!! 🙂 great post,


    • Thanks Jess! I’m trying to balance not rushing with actually being clothed 🙂 I may end up purchasing some less-than-perfect pieces to get through this capsule so I can really love the pieces I pour my time in to. Then keep evolving each season as I go.

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