Back to the Classics 2018

So, um… it’s January! Time to set ambitious reading goals I’ll most likely fall off on, but I accomplish more when I DO set them than when I DON’T. Even if my goal isn’t actually achieved.

I didn’t finish Back to the Classics last year. I’m not even sure how far I got. But I read books I never would have picked up without it – namely, my gothic novel The Mysteries of Udolpho. My first Anthony Trollope was only because of the challenge as well. I actually read 36 books last year but I got on a heavy YA novels kick that accounted for something like 11. I love a well written YA novel! I started using GoodReads more heavily this year – if you’re on there, please add me. I’m toying with dropping the blog and just posting over there…

So! 2018! Filled in titles are from my own shelves. Blanks are TBA from the library as I get rolling. Here’s a link to the sign up:

  1. 19th Century
  2. 20th Century
  3. Woman Author: A Modern Mephistopheles, Alcott
  4. In Translation
  5. Children’s Classic: Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates, Dodge
  6. Crime Story, fiction or non: And Then there were None, Christie
  7. Travel or Journey Narrative: Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Verne
  8. Single Word Title: Walden, Thoreau
  9. Color in Title: How Green was my Valley, Llewellyn
  10. An author new to me
  11. A classic that scares/intimidates me: Great Expectations, Dickens
  12. Reread a favorite!: Something Austen