Purple Polkadot Tutu

A few days ago I was shopping for something and Grace saw bolts of tulle. “TUTU!” she yelled. “PEEEEEZE?! Wanna purple tutu!” Then she batted her bright blue eyes at me. And then, like a good mom (ahem), I bought many yards of purple and while tulle.

8 2013 094

I’m in the middle of a couple of complex sewing projects right now and a simple tutu is the perfect brain-break. You also can’t beat the fact that it’s practically instant gratification. I think there’s 2 hours of work in this, most of it distracted? I bought the tulle in the morning and had it finished well before my bedtime. In between keeping a toddler alive, fed, and entertained, plus making sure the rest of the world didn’t fall apart. Very easy.

8 2013 083

I looooooovvvveeee this tutu. The pattern / directions (since it isn’t technically a “pattern”) come from the Oliver and S Little Things to Sew book (also known as LTTS). I made it before for Grace’s Valentines Day outfit. My favorite part is it is more ballet style than the super popular strip tutus. There’s 10 layers of tulle (5 larger pieces folded in half). I modified the pattern ever so slightly by adding an 11th layer but not of tulle – it’s thin polyester lining fabric that I bought a bolt of earlier in the summer. Her other tutu is too sheer to wear without shorts underneath, but since Grace is newly potty learning, layers are the enemy. The slip layer is actually seamed at the back for more complete coverage. The tulle layers are left loose.

8 2013 091

The slip layer keeps it from getting tied up with her legs, too – a major beef I have with the chocolate colored one. This tutu is perfectly play worthy and looked great the whole time… even when she decided to ride a horse:

8 2013 100

Silly girl.

It’s actually a little too big. I measured off the other tutu since Grace was in bed when I got to the waistband step, forgetting that THAT one is a little too big. I keep thinking she’ll grow into it, but the girl just keeps getting taller and skinnier. And now that we’re potty learning I’ve lost the “shelf” that a bulky cloth diaper provides. The tutu is safety pinned to the side seams of the tee shirt on each side to keep it where it belongs. I really pray I don’t have to do that with every outfit this fall… if it is, I’ll be making another stack of dresses!

8 2013 069The princess approves.