So Tweet Rain Cape

Rain on the green grass,
And rain on the sea,
Rain on the house-tops,
But not on me!

6 2014 166  6 2014 169

Slip on your raincoat,
Pull on your galoshes;
Wading in puddles
Makes splishes and sploshes.

6 2014 164 6 2014 160

Sometimes when you see a pattern, you know exactly what you want to do with it. Such is the case with the Red Riding Hood Cape from Little Things to sew – the moment I saw it, I knew it would be a rain coat. My only hold up was deciding on fabric and committing to purchase it. Laminate is more than double what I am most comfortable paying for fabric; I kept waffling back and forth between different prints. I finally came back to the very first one I looked at.

6 2014 174

Why a cape? Two reasons – 1) Car seats. Love them, have to have them, hate having to plan outfits around a 5 point harness. A cape can pop on and off without drama. 2) Have you followed for any length of time? This kid grows like a weed. She’s a size 3 around and 5-6 in length. I’m not going to wrestle with laminate only for her to outgrow what I made her in a day. With a rain cape we’ll get our use out of it, no matter how quickly she grows.

6 2014 167

Bring on the rain!


Pattern: Red Riding Hood Cape, Little Things to Sew by Liesl Gibson, size M. No pattern alterations except to add topstitching all the way around to keep lining in place.

Fabric: Urban Zoologie Birds in Spring (here); lined with plain white polyester

This is my 9th project in the Little Things to Sew Cover-To-Cover Challenge. See them all!


3 thoughts on “So Tweet Rain Cape

  1. This is just so cute!
    Thank you for you post, I have been sent some gorgeous very pricey laminate and was wondering about this pattern.
    You have just made it a lot less scary cutting the stuff.

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