Just Like Daddy: Project Run and Play Week 5

Join me for some pretending. My toddler can’t talk yet, but she had so much fun doing these photos! So… let’s carry on, from Gracie’s point of view!

Today,  I wanted to show my Daddy just how much I love him. He’s my hero! So I decided to be just like Daddy.

I got up, got dressed, and put on my business shoes…

2 2013 085

They’re a little big still!

2 2013 092

I gave my Daddy a kiss…

2 2013 040

He walked me to my car…

2 2013 055 crop

And I drove away. Zoom!

2 2013 079


I worked hard for my family, just like Daddy does.

2 2013 044

I was glad to get home after work, to where my Daddy was waiting. We played a quick game of “Five Little Monkeys” before I sent him to his nap. He’s the best Daddy ever! Thanks Daddy, for all your hard work.

2 2013 099

Awww… cute!

This is my men’s shirt entry for Project Run and Play. The shirt is a blue work shirt of my husband’s – a long time favorite recently retired due to general wear and a couple holes. It was the least I could to do reinvent it for Little Miss. The dress is Oliver + S Family Reunion dress with only very few modifications: I maintained the original button placket and hem  from the work shirt and redrafted the sleeves to incorporate the original cuffs, cuff pleats, and slit. Also, all seams are french seamed to give a clean inside.

January 2013 087

Instead of buttons, I decorated the tab with a self-drawn daisy embroidery. I also added yellow piping to the tab and facing.

2 2013 080 crop

The flower is a simple combination of half-circles gathered together with a fabric covered button in the center. Tutorials are a dime a dozen for this style right now; I didn’t use any one in particular.

2 2013 073 crop

This was the challenge that got me really excited when I first saw the list. I’ve been wanting to update a men’s shirt for a while. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! You can see all the other fantastic entries at Project Run and Play.



18 thoughts on “Just Like Daddy: Project Run and Play Week 5

    • Other than go very, very, very slowly? Make sure you’re using a zipper foot and move the needle as far over as you can. You want it to snug up to the piping. I stitch my piping to the front of the tab first, then go around again to stitch the front and back together. Oh, and shorten you stitch length so you can adjust easily if you get off course.

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